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Kitchen Remodel - Remodeling Your Kitchen
Kitchen Remodel - kitchen remodel articles
Kitchen Remodel - kitchen remodel articles

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen can be either a massive, grueling undertaking, or a relatively pleasant experience, with only a minor disruption of your family's life for a short period of time. While everyone understands the benefits of remodeling their kitchen, many are hesitant to undertake a remodeling project because they fear the process will disrupt their home life for long periods of time. But it doesn't have to be this way. With a well-thought out plan for your kitchen remodel project, you can begin the remodeling with confidence it will run smoothly. Take time in advance to familiarize yourself with every aspect of your remodeling job and the process will flow in an easy, efficient way.

The single most important step to a satisfying kitchen remodeling project is planning. This plan will cover the overall look of your kitchen, as well as every aspect of the remodeling, such as appliances, cabinets, storage space, flooring, countertops, hardware and lighting. Put your kitchen remodel plan on paper, starting with listing all of these topics and anything else you'd like to add (perhaps you want to buy all new dishes and flatware to go with your new kitchen, for instance). Let's look at each area you'll need to consider, step by step.

Begin by thinking about the overall design. Do you like the way your current kitchen is configured? Or will your remodeling project need to take new traffic patterns and better use of space into account? Is there adequate light? Enough room for food preparation? Space for your family to gather? Do you want a contemporary kitchen or would you prefer to establish a more traditional mood with the remodeling? Once you get a vision for the look of your new kitchen, you can start to lay plans for the individual components.

The next step is deciding on appliances. If you are a gourmet cook who loves to create fancy meals, you are going to want to incorporate high-end appliances into your remodeling plan. If you are a more casual cook, this might be someplace you can save some money. Next think about cabinets. Will you need to replace the ones you have or can you perhaps do a cabinet refacing? If you are happy with the way your current cabinets are situated, cabinet refacing can be a good budgetary alternative. Consider the issues of storage space. Is what you have adequate, or do you need to find ways to carve out more? In today's kitchen remodeling, there are so many options for elegant cabinets, with choices ranging from oak or cherry or birch, to laminate or glass-faced cupboards.

Flooring should be attractive and functional, as well as easy to clean. Many materials easily fit these criteria. Countertops also need to be easily maintained. There are natural and synthetic choices here, each with their own advantages. Lighting can vary from recessed lights to fancy chandeliers-it all depends on what you want the look of your kitchen to be. When it comes to hardware, do you want hand-made ceramic knobs for your cabinets, shiny chrome, or burnished black? These are just a few of your options.

Remember to write down all your ideas and keep good notes as you ask yourself these questions. When you've pondered all the options for your remodeling job, you can take your plan with you to a home improvement store or local contractor and you'll have a huge head start on your kitchen remodeling project. With a strong plan in place, you'll be cooking in your new kitchen in no time.


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